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Marketing Management - K2Pharma

Pharmaceutical industries typically have a large network of sales representatives, to be continuously updated on sales strategy as well as on new drugs, therapies, side effects etc. Drug producers are frequently not able to ensure a full control of sales representatives because they work the majority  of their time not in  the company’s facilities or headquarter: but regulation also firmly requires control, for instance all sales representative should be trained on specific drug and side effects.

K2Pharma Marketing module allows a remote management and control of all marketing activities and associated requirements, including budget, forecast, training and applicable company procedures or standards.

Marketing and sales staff can be trained by online tools, still ensuring an evidence of training execution and by managing online the final evaluation questionnaire. This  can be signed with our electronic signature (K2C eSignature for SharePoint), fully compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and therefore legally equivalent to the handwritten signature of a training record.

You can also define the budget per sales area, product or category of products, verifying in real time the progress of sales forecast that can be continuously updated by sales representatives using laptop as well as a smartphone!

The module also includes a variety of tools to facilitate the sharing of marketing and sales information, such as contacts lists, agenda management, brochures, contracts and many others.

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