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eSignature for SharePoint version 6.0 - new features

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new new version of eSignature for SharePoint, the plugin that exists from 2008 and that enables the use of SharePoint in compliance with 21 CFR part 11 or other similar regulations about electronic records and signatures. 


The new version makes the use of electronic signature even safer and easier, thanks to some additional features that are also improving the user experience. 

  • A New view "Site eSignature Records" is available as a web part that can be added to any page, in order to display all the electronic signaure records already present in a given SharePoint site. This facilitates the management control over the signature process: you can view all signature and related documents or items per the selected year and month, also opening the signed document and verifying what has bee signed.

  • All electronic records are now saved in a saperate list, safaly hidden and not modifiable, as a copy of original signature records originally created in the workflow task list. In the previous eSignature versions, you should have disabled the "Workflow Auto Cleanup" timer job in order to maintain the workflow task as well as the signature records tha are originated as task items; now you can even enable this timer job still maintaining all signature records, contemporarely improving the system performance that could be affected by an high number of workflow tasks items.

  • The signature panel now also displays some additional links to directly open the document or item , view its properties or check the previous signature records for the same.

  • You can now use both the legacy SharePoint 2010 workflows and new Workflow Manager (2013 workflows), still displaying all records in the same eSignature History View. or in the Site eSignature Records Web part. In case of upgrade from a previous version, all previous records will be obviously available as well.

We invite you to  visit our website and download a free trial or  update your eSignature version accessing to your member page, if you already purchased a previous version.

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