Maintenance Management - K2Pharma

A variety of Maintenance Management applications are available on the market, but rarely these are meeting Pharma requirements and applicable regulation. Also these applications are very often complex and hard to customize.

K2C solution for Maintenance Management is a Module of K2Pharma that can be fully integrated with other modules, such as change control or corrective and preventive actions, therefore improving the interaction between the pure Maintenance department and others (Quality Assurance, Production etc.).

The module includes the following main features:

       Equipment/Facility mapping and system inventory management

       Management of Maintenance Procedures and associated workflows

       Preventive Maintenance Planning

       Management of work orders and associated workflows (approval/execution tasks)

       Management of spare parts

       Management of alerts/reminders

       Risk assessments tools

       Management of Layouts and Drawings, including the possibility to interactively display status of systems / utilities / parts

       Dashboards and control panels

Appropriate Dashboards will be available and configurable, in order to show you in real time the Mainteinance status, the allocation of resources, the reminders and any other kpi or key indicator

The module also includes all required features to comply with Electronic Record and Signature Regulation (21 CFR part 11).

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Mainteinance Dashboard Management