eSignature for SharePoint

The Electronic Signature add-in enabling SharePoint compliance with 21 CFR part 11

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K2C eSignature enables the use of SharePoint (from 2010 up to 2019 version) to electronically sign any document or record in compliance with US 21 CFR part 11, European Annex 11 and similar regulations.

After the installation, a new action "eSignature" is available both in SharePoint Designer or Nintex workflow, if you are using this additional tool. This action can be added at any step of the workflow, in order to collect one or more user signatures without the need of any custom development or coding knowledge.

K2C eSignature is:

  • Reusable in any workflow
  • Available for all on premise versions up to SharePoint 2019
  • Applicable both to documents and records (list items)
  • Highly configurable to meet specific user requirements such as signature reason
  • Allows single, multiple, parallel or sequential signatures
  • Able to dynanically retrieve the appropriate signer from any SharePoint list that is managing the assignement of company roles
  • Secure timestamp according to regulatory requirements
  • Assuring the authenticity and integrity of signature record and a strong link with signed record
  • Including views to verify eSignature records for selected item/document and reports dedicated to managers in order to display all electronically signed items/documents in a given SharePoint site and in selected year/month
  • Optionally usable in conjunction with the K2C PDF Convertor module, thus creating a “pdf” copy of the signed word document and adding to the pdf the selected protection and/or a digital signature or certificate

K2C eSignature is part of the K2C Compliance Suite for SharePoint, read more about how to comply with regulations downloading a free copy of K2C White Paper on SharePoint compliance with 21 CFR part 11:

Download Free White Paper part 11 SharePoint