K2C eLearning System

K2C Training & eLearning Solutions

Regulated industries are required to assure at any time that whoever is assigned to critical operations is skilled or trained.

The management of a paper-based training system is an heavy job: accurately maintain the training records, distribute and archive the training material, review and maintain resumes and, at the very end, ensure and document that all required competences are meeting the roles and responsibilities assigned to those employees that are involved in GxP critical operations.

K2C eLearning solution allows you to electronically manage all these requirements by a very easy and user friendly interface, preventing human errors.

You may also use the system as an eLearning tool, thanks to the possibility to publish yor training video or silides, and associated online Survey for the final evaluation.

K2C eLearning solution also includes all required features to comply with Electronic Record and Signature Regulation (US 21 CFR part 11 and European Annex 11), allowing you to have a fully paperless training management system.

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