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conversion + optional protection, digital signature and watermark

Word To  PDF Converter Free Trial

K2C Word to PDF Converter is designed to create a pdf copy of a word file stored in a SharePoint(1) library without code. The solution offers an easy way to convert word to pdf with high quality, simply adding the PDF Converter action to a step of a SharePoint Designer workflow.  

Users may configure the destination library and set some parameters to protect the created pdf file, for instance, incorporating password protection for opening, copying or printing.

The converter allows to add a configurable watermark and/or a specific digital signature (personal or company certificate) self-created from your server or purchased from a third party certified authority: this can enhance the pdf reliability, especially when the file is sent to someone else outside the own company or organization.

Word to PDF Converter is:

  • reusable in any workflow, so that generation of PDF can be traced and integrated with other workflow actions

  • available for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

  • configurable as per the PDF protection

  • including a configurable watermark

  • enabling an optional digital signature for generated PDF

  • optionally usable in conjunction with the K2C eSignature for SharePoint, thus creating a “pdf” copy after the word document has been electronically signed, then adding a protection and/or a digital signature or certificate


K2C Word to PDF Converter can be purchased and used independently or  in conjunction with other products (eSignature and dSignature) that are all part of K2C Compliance Bundle for SharePoint.  You can read our free White Paper for SharePoint compliance to 21 CFR part 11 to better understands how SharePoint can meet regulation requirements using K2C add-ons.

Protection A Full permission (no any password is set).
Protection B User Password required to open the file.
Protection C Owner Password required to print or edit (copy, modify content, modify annotations).
Protection D Owner Password required to edit the content. Print is allowed without any password.
Protection E Combination of options B and C.
Protection F Combination of options B and D.
Digital Signature Add a Digital Signature using a pxf certificate that you can  create yourself or purchase from a certified authority. The position and signature image or logo are configurable.
Watermark Add a fully configurable watermark specifying the position, the text (statically or dynamically retrieved by some action in the workflow), the font, color and size.

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